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Hello Heath family!

On July 16th, I was able to preach in the morning service while Pastor Dan was on vacation. I took the opportunity to start my new series on the family. As you may recall, I finished my last sermon series on Psalm 4 in which a major theme that was developed through out was the need for prayer and the spiritual disciplines in a Christian’s life. This correlated with my first blog in which I described the importance of the spiritual disciplines of prayer and the reading of God’s word.

Likewise, I wanted in this second blog to correlate with this new series on the family in which the first message was an overall look of where the family has come in America since the 1950’s. I discussed the rise of the feminist movement from its rightful desire for women to enter the work place if she so desired. However, I discussed that this lead to the attack of the gender roles within the family that had been established for generations within the American family which was grounded in biblical principles.

By gender roles, I mean the certain duties that the wife and husband, mother and father, have by the very nature of their gender. There is no question that men and women were created by God with different physical characteristics that either hinder or enable certain abilities. For instance, by nature, my role as a man does not enable me to have our baby that is due this month. I do not have the physical characteristics that makes this possible. Furthermore, such gender distinctives go beyond the physical and into the inner make-up of the genders as well. In the case of my wife and I, my deeper voice and bigger physique makes me the natural disciplinarian in the household. Therefore, Silas responds better to my commands than he does to my wife’s. However, when my son needs gentle and soothing care after he has hurt himself, he goes to his mother who is much better at this than me. Contrary to contempary popular belief, this does not make one role any better than the other!

In the end, I am 100 percent better than my wife at being a man. Likewise, my wife is 100 percent better than me at being a woman. These differences should not be frowned upon but celebrated. Sadly, the world has rather frowned upon such gender distinctives. For instance, men’s natural ability to lead is rather repressed. This has led to a leadership vacuum within the home that has devastating results as can be seen in the complete breakdown of the American family.  Furthermore, women have gained the freedom to join the workforce which is a good and needed thing, but also the idea of a woman staying home to take care of house and raise children has become something to be pitied.

As a church, it is important to understand the workings of society so that we can, in love, be a light to the world as Jesus commanded (Matthew 5:14-16). In regards to the family, it is now a deeply controversial issue. The light of what scripture says is deeply offensive to those of the world, just like how light is deeply offensive to a person that has just woken from a deep slumber. My passion is to uncover what scripture teaches the gender roles are so that we, as the body of Christ, can see where society has wrongfully influenced us and allow scripture to remedy such error. How wonderful it is that the Father has given us His word to enable us to be brighter lights to such a dark world!

Finally, because several of you have asked, the next part in this series will be given on August 13th during evening service. I look forward to unpacking the truth of God’s word together on that date!

Sola scriptura!

Pastor Andrew Beebe

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