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Pictures of Silver

Proverbs 25 : 11 states, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” There’s a “word” that been circulating throughout “e-mail land” for several months.  I know we ALL get a bit weary of all the “forwards” that are so easily, & endlessly sent to us via the Internet.   But even though […]

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One of the best-known quotes from Michelangelo, the great 16th-century Italian painter, author, poet, and sculptor is, “I saw the angel in the marble, and carved til I set him free!”  Many have repeated that quote in trying to encourage others to realize their POTENTIAL and remember that “within EVERY block of marble, there IS a beautiful figure […]

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It’s ALL about The HOME

Listening to the radio a couple days ago, I heard christian leadership guru, John Maxwell, share a quick syllogism that included a subject that is never far from my mind.  That subject is “The HOME!”   Seldom does a day go by but that I’m strongly (sometimes radically) reminded that it’s ALL about The HOME!  (Of course, it’s […]

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I’ve been thinking about “FOCUS” lately.  (At least I was till I got distracted, and preoccupied with something else)! That’s what seems to happen more often than I like.  I’ll really be focused in on something, then a DISTRACTION will beckon and, before I realize it, the DISTRACTION has turned into a DETOUR, and eventually I become aware that the DETOUR […]

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Patience, Commitment and Baseball

Have you ever waited seemingly FOREVER for something?  I have.  Something like the Cincinnati Reds gettin’ back in the play-offs!!   In 1970 I moved from NE Ohio where I’d been a faithful Cleveland Indians fan through the late 60’s, to SW Ohio (Cincinnati) where I instantly became a Cincinnati Reds fan.  I’ve been a devoted Reds’ fan ever […]

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Be Ready

     Having had 3 funerals in one week, I’ve been thinking alot the past few days about death.  For many, it’s a morbid thought to be altogether denied or at the least constantly relegated to the mind’s “back-burner.”   However, it certainly does not need to be such.  Though every normal human being has a natural instinct to preserve his […]

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“Sail On!”

I learned it just like you did, early in elementary school.  “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean, blue!”  In learning that little rhyme to help me remember an important date, I also learned a couple other very important words from that story;  “Sail On!”   The voyage of Christopher Columbus from Spain to America (Bahamas), was a […]

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Continually Praising

How would you FEEL?  What would YOUR reaction be, if you had had the privilege of actually SEEING Jesus after He’d risen from the grave?  You had SEEN Him crucified.  You had SEEN Him laid in a tomb.  You KNEW He was dead.  But now, you literally SAW Him, alive.  You HEARD Him speak; you SAW […]

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True Transformation

      As the people of the church I pastor – (Heath Church, Lexington, NC) – are aware, we’re in the middle of a Sunday morning sermon series right now entitled, “Trademarks of a True Transformation.”  The primary emphasis of the series is that Christ REALLY DOES TRANSFORM when He comes into a life.  There REALLY IS A GREAT […]

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