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Archive | 2016

What Will You Be Doing The Day Before Your Die?

Imagine with me that you are going to die tomorrow.  Your doctors say you have very little chance of living past tomorrow, you feel that are about to die, and God has deemed it your time to die.  What would you do?  Think about it…what would you do to fill those remaining few hours?! -would […]

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Mom, Thank You!

How many of you have proclaimed that you have the best mom?  While there isn’t a scientific method to verify the accuracy of this statement it is a great thing to praise your mother.  Every year in May, we Americans set aside a day to celebrate our mothers.  Of course, one day in May isn’t […]

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How Bad Do You Want It?

If you knew that there could be a cure for cancer, what would you personally give to make this happen? If you knew that you could keep your children from making destructive decisions, what would you personally give up so that they would make constructive decisions? If you knew that the world’s poverty issues could […]

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Take a moment and think of a problem that you are dealing with right now. Would you classify it as a big problem or as a small problem? Imagine you are dealing with that same problem and you get a call that your child or parent has been involved in a very serious accident. Now, […]

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