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Dan M. Downing – Senior Pastor

DanPastor Dan has been in full-time, Christian ministry since 1978 and has been our senior pastor since 1984. He loves preaching / teaching God’s Word, counseling, and shepherding the “flock” God has given him here at Heath Church. Leading a new soul to Christ and/or encouraging a Christian in his walk with God are a couple of his greatest joys.

Also, very high on that “Joys List” is his family! “Home & Family” are some of Pastor Dan’s favorite preaching topics because they are also some of his favorite “living” topics! The love of his life (since 1978) is wife and parsonage queen, Marilyn. Their 4 grown children, (Dana, Danelle, Daniel, & DeLinda) are married to 4 great children-in-love, (David, Tom, Emily, & Mike) – and from those happy unions Pastor Dan & Marilyn have been presented with 14 absolutely-amazing grandchildren who “keep the parsonage rockin’!”

Cincinnati Reds baseball, Carolina Panthers football, and Southern Gospel Music are some of Pastor Dan’s other loves.

If you’re looking for a warm & friendly, Bible-believing church-home, Pastor Dan says, “Come and see us. We’d LOVE to meet you!”


Parsonage Phone: 336-472-3457
Cell Phone: 336-239-1731


Daniel “Bumpy” Downing – Youth Pastor


Where I’m From
I am exceedingly blessed to have been born into and raised in a family rich in Christian heritage and culture. Both my grandfather and father have spent their entire adult careers in full-time Christian ministry. Possibly even more important than this, however, is the fact that God has blessed me with a godly wife, Emily Downing, who dedicates herself completely to creating a Christian atmosphere in which to raise our children while providing full support of the youth ministry at the church where we both serve. God has blessed my wife and I with one daughter named Lyla and 3 sons named Camden, Briggs, and Rhett.

What I’m Doing
My primary role at Heath Church is to serve as the youth ministries pastor starting from middle school age and running through high school age. Our youth ministry program is blessed with many capable volunteers that prove to be essential to both the outreach and discipleship of the teenagers in our community. I also enjoy playing the drums with the church praise and worship team and remain as involved as possible in young adult activities.

Where I’m Going
The goal of the Heath Youth Ministry staff members for our group is to follow the model set forth in Acts 2:42-47. We will devote ourselves to the teaching and learning of God’s Word, fellowship with each other, eating together, praying together, being filled with awe together at the work of God, providing for each other’s needs as Christ reveals them to us, and praising God together. We believe we will then, as God sees fit, enjoy the blessing of him adding to our numbers those who need him.

Cell Phone: 336-689-0469

Amy Winslow – HEATHKids Director