True Transformation

      As the people of the church I pastor – (Heath Church, Lexington, NC) – are aware, we’re in the middle of a Sunday morning sermon series right now entitled, “Trademarks of a True Transformation.”  The primary emphasis of the series is that Christ REALLY DOES TRANSFORM when He comes into a life.  There REALLY IS A GREAT CHANGE when a human being is genuinely born again!  The fact that I fear so many people have settled for a shallow profession where no real TRANSFORMATION has taken place in their lives has really been weighing heavily on my mind and heart the past few weeks.  I wish so much that I could help every human being in this world to genuinely “taste & see that the Lord is good!”  (Psalm 34:8).      

    The Apostle Paul described it far better than I can when he wrote in II Cor. 5:17, “If ANY person is IN CHRIST, he is a NEW CREATION!  OLD THINGS have PASSED AWAY; behold ALL THINGS have become NEW!”

     If you claim to be a “Christian” – be SURE that you’ve been genuinely born again through real repentance of/for/from your sins and real faith in the atoning work of Christ.  Be sure He has definitely “come IN to your heart & life” and has truly “made a CHANGE!”  Anything less than that, and you’re allowing the enemy of your soul to short-change you.  There REALLY IS a wonderful and TRUE TRANSFORMATION when you’re born into the family of God!  Contact me, if I can be of any help to you.  I LOVE to see people really CHANGED in Christ!

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