“Sail On!”

I learned it just like you did, early in elementary school.  “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean, blue!”  In learning that little rhyme to help me remember an important date, I also learned a couple other very important words from that story;  “Sail On!”   The voyage of Christopher Columbus from Spain to America (Bahamas), was a trip & time filled with challenge and discouragement.  After 3 weeks at sea without any sight of land, Columbus’ crew begged him to turn around.

However, the great explorer pressed ahead, ever urging his seamen to, “Sail On!”  He told them that he had sailed for the Indies and he was going to continue and persevere in that trip, with God’s help, until he FOUND the Indies!  Biographers and historians tell us that on many days of that voyage, Columbus’ log had only a 3-word entry, — “We Sailed On!”  It was that dogged determination that eventually brought the little exploring party to their goal!

Sometimes, in our Christian walk as we’re sailing rough and uncharted waters, our fears begin to grapple with our faith and we are sorely tempted to give up and turn back.  It is then that we begin to fully realize the great love and endless grace of our Father in Heaven.  He is ALWAYS there beside us, encouraging, enabling and enlightening!  If we’ll listen to His still, small voice, we can hear Him saying, “Sail On!”

In I Cor. 10:13 He reminds us that, “There is no testing that comes upon you, but such as is common to man.  But GOD IS FAITHFUL, Who will not permit you to be tested to a degree greater than you can bear, but will (with the testing), also make a way to escape that you may be able to bear it!”  In other words, God will never tell us to, “Sail On!” without also helping to hold the wheel of our ship steady, in the midst of life’s storms!

If you’re discouraged and nearly defeated in your Christian walk today, make sure the Divine Pilot is at the wheel of your ship, and then simply — “SAIL ON!”   You’ll be glad you did .. for eternity!

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