Patience & Commitment? – Yes! Baseball? – Not THIS Year! :-(

Well, if you read last week’s blog you know how pumped I was that my beloved Reds were back in the play-offs!   I was SO excited!!  However, if you’re a major-league baseball fan, I don’t need to say another word.  You already KNOW how I’m feeling about those Reds now.  I’ll tell you this much, just in case you don’t follow the sport.  In that FIRST play-off game that I could hardly wait for, my Reds didn’t manage to eke out ONE HIT!!  Had the opposing pitcher (who made baseball history, by the way) not walked our right-fielder, NOT ONE RED would have even REACHED base the WHOLE GAME!!  It was pretty rough.  

And then it only went down-hill from there!  Suffice it to say the minimum number of games they HAD to play to get eliminated was 3!   And THAT is EXACTLY how many games they played!  It wasn’t even a contest.  🙁

I went back this week and read last week’s post.  I’m going to copy & paste part of that post again in this one, because NOW is when it REALLY matters and applies.  It’s one thing to write high-sounding words about “Patience and Commitment” when you’re all pumped and excited.  However it’s when everything has blown up in your face and let you down that “Patience & Commitment” really matter.  Here’s the quote:

“Let’s get serious.  Though lots of fun — major-league baseball doesn’t really matter.  However, there are lots of things in life that really DO!   ( e.g. – God, Family, Church, Eternity …)  Can we be counted on?  Do we stick by the stuff?  Are we PATIENT?   Are we COMMITTED?   Or .. do we give up, bail, & quit when some team that BUYS their World-Series flashes their fancy pin-stripes in front of us and beckons?”   (end-quote)

OK … There it is!   Does it STILL apply now that my hopes are dashed?   Oh YES!   MORE than EVER!   That’s what “PATIENCE” and “COMMITMENT” are ALL ABOUT!

See ya on Opening Day, 2011!  🙂

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