I’ve been thinking about “FOCUS” lately.  (At least I was till I got distracted, and preoccupied with something else)!

That’s what seems to happen more often than I like.  I’ll really be focused in on something, then a DISTRACTION will beckon and, before I realize it, the DISTRACTION has turned into a DETOUR, and eventually I become aware that the DETOUR has seriously DETERRED me … and alas, the FOCUS is lost! 

Earl Nightengale is credited with the quote, “If you’ll spend one hour a day, every day for five years on one given subject, within five years you’ll become an expert on that subject.”   That’s amazing … but I’m also guessing it’s usually true.

I’m gonna FOCUS on that thought for awhile.   Who knows … that focused thinking might even lead to some focused action.

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