Home For Christmas

The phrase of title means SO many different things to So many different people.  It’s been quoted again and again across the years, and has been incorporated into various songs and poems.  It stirs memories – both good and bad, as well as elicits anticipations – both negative and positive.  It seems that being “Home For Christmas” ought to be a warm and happy experience, greatly looked forward to by anyone and everyone who so plans.

Unfortunately, such is not the case.  Many dread the obligatory, holiday trip — “home.”  For them, “home” holds hard and hurtful memories and they’d much rather stay away.  Hatred, strife, abuse, incest, dysfunction, adultery and general negativity is what “home” has always been about.  The realities are SO painful.

In spite of that very dark Christmas picture for so many, I would like to share two very BRIGHT & GLORIOUS truths:

1) – Jesus understands.  He understands darkness and dysfunction in the family tree.  There was PLENTY of BOTH in HIS.  He understands hurting hearts and painful memories.  (He was tested in ALL POINTS just like WE have experienced while He was here on earth – Hebrews 4:15).  He understands, and will give you strength and grace to, not only endure, but to overcome.

2) – It takes only ONE GENERATION to turn it all around.  I think of this fact so often.  (I may write more about it in a later blog).  But the fact is, it takes only ONE GENERATION in any family to completely turn the cycles and directions around – 180 degrees!)   Gloriously, — one generation can turn hundreds of years of damning, family darkness into scintillating family light!   Appallingly, — one generation can turn hundreds of years of scintillating family light into damning, family darkness.

The bottom line is — There is HOPE!  There is HELP!  There is HAPPINESS in the home and family — even at Christmas .. yea, ESPECIALLY at Christmas .. through JESUS, the very REASON for the Season!

God willing .. this year, because of HIM .. I’ll be HOME for Christmas!    I Can’t WAIT!

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