Peace On Earth

It’s a phrase that’s tossed around a lot at Christmastime, and well it should be.  It was at the very HEART of the initial Christmas announcement and message.  When the “multitude of the heavenly host” joined the original announcing angel in proclaiming the birth of Christ, this was a key component of their message.  For that message was, “Glory to God in the highest, and ON EARTH, PEACE, GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN!”  (Luke 2:14).  In addition to lifting praise to God, the central Christmas message was, “PEACE ON EARTH!”

What if there really were .. genuine peace on earth?  What a different world we would live in.  There would be no war, no fear of terror, no family feuds, no fighting, no human conflict, no jealousies, no bitterness — if there were only .. peace.

Peace is one of the most beautiful and wonderful of all qualities.  There is no substitute for it.  One may WISH for it, HOPE for it, TALK about having it, SEE IT in others, FAKE having it, etc, etc … but the fact is PEACE is PEACE, and we either HAVE it or we DON’T.  There is NO SUBSTITUTE for it.  Furthermore, the only way there will ever truly be “Peace On Earth” as a whole, is for EVERY INDIVIDUAL to have and be at – complete peace, himself.  It will never happen through organizations, governments, treaties, legislations or wars.  It will happen ONLY as INDIVIDUALS are personally filled with peace.  And of course, the only way individuals will ever be personally filled with peace is if & when they are filled with the PRINCE Of PEACE, — The Christ of Chrismas (Isaiah 9:6).   HE  IS  our peace (Eph. 2:14).

This Christmas, let’s do our part, INDIVIDUALLY.  We can’t control the whole world, but we CAN be sure that our OWN hearts are filled with peace.  Be at peace with your God.  Be at peace with yourself.  Be at peace with your family.  Be at peace with your enemies (Prov. 16:7).  Be at peace with all men (Heb. 12:14a)!  God has promised us that it CAN be done.  That promise is found in the verse that is my personal favorite in all the Bible, “God will keep in PERFECT PEACE all those who trust in Him, – all those whose minds are fixed on Him!”  (Isaiah 26:3).

If every INDIVIDUAL did exactly that, there would be — Peace On Earth.

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