What About 2011?

Under a new-year’s-sounding title like the one above, I guess I could go about ANY direction with the subject matter.  However, what I have in mind when I ask, “What About 2011?” is specifically, “What About Your SERVICE for God during the days of this new year?”  Will it be any different than your service to/for Him last year .. the year before?  Have you thought about it?  Have you made any specific plans in relation to it?

Webster lists several definitions for the verb, “SERVE,” – however there are a couple of them that I especially like:  (1) – To provide services that benefit or help;  (2) – To be of use. 

How are you going to “SERVE”God this new year?  So often we mistakenly and misnomerly use that word, “serve” (with regard to God) as a simple description of our salvation status.  If we’re saved and walking with the Lord, we say we are “serving” God.  And yet we never “provide services that benefit or help” His kingdom.  We’re never “of any real use” to Him in proactive “service,” – so the term actually becomes a misnomer.

The next time you go to a restaurant, how would you like it if your waiter or waitress “served” you the way you “serve” God?  Would you ever receive your food?  Would your drinking glass ever be re-filled?  Would you even get to place an order?

Let’s think and pray RIGHT NOW — over the coming days of 2011.  And in those thoughts and prayers, let’s seek, find and follow God’s direction to us as to how we may truly and genuinely “SERVE” Him during this year!  What are you going to DO for God & His Kingdom?  “Speak Lord, for your SERVANT hears!  I’m ready to SERVE You in 2011, in any and every way you prescribe and lead!”


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