If My People … Will Pray

In II Chronicles 7 : 14 there is both a premise and a promise from God, specifically directed to an entire nation.  The conditional premise is found in the words, IF My people … will PRAY!”  The comforting promise is found in the words, THEN … I will heal their land.”   There are several more very  important premises and promises in the verse, but I want to focus on just these, for a moment.

Since the horrible and tragic mass shooting in Tucson, AZ, last Saturday, I have thought of this verse over and over.  Considering the lack of attention to God in the homes and families of our great nation, – [to say nothing of our schools and society as a whole] – I’m persuaded it is a miracle from the hand of a  merciful God that there are not more similar tragedies than there are.

Mental illness is one thing.  It’s very real and needs to be treated.  However, SPIRITUAL illness is another matter.  Sadly, ITS sordid symptoms and treacherous tentacles are reaching every level and corner of our beloved USA and are leaving us in the clutches of a depravity likely never before seen or experienced in this country.

There is only one answer … and that answer is GOD!  We MUST humble ourselves before HIM and call on HIM in earnest, consistent and surrendered prayer.  Our nation is very sick.  However, HIS premise and HIS promise – still stand.  IF My people will pray … THEN, I will heal their land!”

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