What Am I Doing …. REALLY?

It happened almost a week ago, but it seems that only a few minutes pass by between recurring thoughts of a dear missionary friend of mine who was shot and killed on the mission field where she had worked for God for several decades.  The word, “martyr” keeps coming to my mind.  That’s exactly what this precious lady is.  She gave and gave and gave in order to get the gospel message of salvation through Christ to the people of the country of her calling.  She knew about the dangers, yet she continued to put herself in harm’s way because of her love for God and the souls to whom God had called her.

In addition to thoughts of her and her faithful husband – now a premature widower – I continue to hear the words of Jesus which He repeated again and again to so many people while He was here on earth.  They are words which, in fact, He uttered to us ALL … since they’re recorded several times in The Bible.  Those words are, “If any one is going to follow Me, let Him deny himself and take up his cross, daily!”

Am I bearing a cross for Christ?  Am I denying myself daily, for Him?  What am I doing … REALLY … for HIM, day by day?  In light of what so many others like my dear missionary-friend have done and are doing, it seems that my cross really isn’t all that heavy and my self-denial really isn’t all that deep.  I’m not looking for heavy crosses just for “heavy-crosses'” sake, but at the same time, I want to be WILLING & READY to bear ANY cross and engage in ANY self-denial that Christ desires of me, and that I need to do — for HIS glory and the cause of eternal souls.

What AM I Doing for Jesus, day-by-day?  … REALLY…??      How ’bout YOU?

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