What’s REALLY important to you?  What’s REALLY important in your life?  I didn’t ask, “What SHOULD be important,” or “What do you try to PRESENT as being important?” — but rather, (according to your TRUE actions and GENUINE priorities), “What is REALLY important to you?”

This past Sunday an estimated 151.6 million people watched the Packers and Steelers in the Super Bowl.  Americans spent millions & millions of dollars on food and beverages, which included 28 million pounds of potato chips, 1 billion chicken wings, and 325.5 million gallons of beer.  The pregame hype, the catchy commercials, the glitzy half-time show, the clothing coordinates on the commentators — all surpassed the actual game itself for millions of “Super-Bowl-Only” fans … but we all wanted to “be a part of it” because it’s a “big deal” in America.

Hey, I’m not knockin’ football, and I’m CERTAINLY not knockin’ the SUPER BOWL!  Believe me, I was right there with the rest of you — enjoyin’ it all and downing a few of those billion wings, myself!  Just because I’m a Carolina Panthers fan doesn’t mean my love for the sport was dimmed this year!  🙂

But WHY did I watch the big game?  And, HOW MUCH to do I love it?  What is REALLY important to me, and furthermore — WHY, is it important?  Do I just “follow the crowd?”  Do I simply “want to be a part of the ‘in-thing?'”   Do I participate because I really love football?   How MUCH do I love football?   How does that love stack up against my loves for more important, more significant things in life?   What ARE my TRUE priorities .. and WHY? 

I believe these are the kinds of questions we should constantly ask ourselves.  Then, once we’ve asked, we should give HONEST answers!

Jesus gave us all some vital instruction about this subject of our priorities.  He said, “Seek  FIRST  The  KINGDOM OF GOD & HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and (as you do), He’ll give you all the other necessities of life!”  (Matt. 6:33)  Jesus never comes next.  He must be FIRST.  He must be Lord OF all … or He’ll not be Lord AT all.  Let’s all do a “Priority-Check” under the loving guidance of God’s Holy Spirit and the Word of Christ.

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