"It's crazy! It's CRAZY!"

I found myself sitting at my desk, saying the words over and over:  “It’s Crazy!  It’s CRAZY!”  I had started saying this phrase involuntarily, without thinking — then suddenly realized that’s what I was doing.  It was fairly early in the morning and I’d been having my personal quiet time of devotion with God.  I had just finished reading a fairly short section of scripture and was so impressed and overwhelmed with the powerful truths in just those FEW, SHORT VERSES that I immediately began to think about people – (including myself at various intervals in my past) who KNOW how wonderful and life-changing God’s Word is, yet seldom seem to find the time or exercise the discipline to faithfully read and study it.

That’s why those two words were involuntarily coming out of my mouth.

And frankly, it IS“crazy!”  After thinking about what I was saying for a few moments, I looked up the word.  The dictionary man listed as some of his definitions of the word “crazy” — Unsound, Absurd, Impractical, Foolish and Insane — and that’s exactly what I was thinking!  Some people simply do not know the great power and value of the written Word of God.  But ohh, so many DO know!  And yet day after day slips by in their lives and they never pick up that precious book and open its pages to allow that amazing wisdom and mighty truth to pierce and penetrate their souls.  “The Word of God is living and powerful: sharper than the sharpest dagger, piercing and cutting swiftly and deeply into our innermost thoughts and desires, with all their parts – exposing us for what we really are!”  (Hebrews 4:12).

Can you imagine being crippled with pain and having a little bottled antidote for that agony lying on your living room coffee table?  If you would simply pick up that bottle, remove its cap, pour the medicine into a spoon, insert that spoon into your mouth, and swallow — {and do the same again the next day, and the next} — your pain would totally disappear!  But no — you allow the cure to simply sit there.  It decorates your table.  It aids visitors to your home with their awareness that you know about things like pain cures.  It’s even there and available if someone else would like to take a dose.  But it does YOU no good, simply because you do not regularly avail yourself of it.

It’s crazy, my friend!  It’s CRAZY!

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