How Ready Are You?

How ready are you to share your Christian testimony and witness for Jesus .. to others?

Recently, I read the following news post:  The Arizona Senate has approved HB 2565 that would protect the rights of college students to practice their sincerely held religious beliefs.  The bill previously passed in the House.  A spokesperson from the legal counsel at the Center for Arizona Policy said, “Students who have a strong moral or religious belief about an issue shouldn’t get kicked out of their program or be denied their degree or given bad grades simply because of their religious beliefs.”  []

When I read that post, I immediately had 3 reactions:

1) – Gratitude for the action of the AZ state legislature;  2) – Sadness that a legislative body in our country would even need to TAKE such action;  3) Self-Searching about my own personal readiness, desire, and/or willingness to share my Christian testimony or witness for my Lord in ALL areas and to ALL people … whether the law permitted it or not.

“I will speak of the testimonies of the Lord before kings, and will not be ashamed!”  (Psalm 119 : 46)

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