Psalm 46 : 10a contains what may be one of the most important admonitions in all the Bible!  In that verse, God says, “Be STILL … and know that I am God!”

For many people, being STILL seems almost impossible.  They feel like they absolutely MUST be MOVING!  Just watch that 3-yr. old when you put him in a chair and tell him to, “Be STILL!”  To him, it seems like an IMPOSSIBILITY!  (By the way, dads/moms — for a normal 3 yr. old … it actually IS possible!!  It simply takes a bit of determined parental persuasion & persistence)!!  🙂

Back to our main thought …   Being STILL before God is so important in the Christian life.  It provides us with an opportunity to allow God’s Word and God’s Spirit to truly SPEAK to our hearts.  It allows His truths to “marinate” in our souls.  It’s like the “soak cycle” on the washing machine.  It doesn’t make nearly as much noise and it doesn’t splash nearly as much water, but it’s JUST as important to effecting cleanness in our clothes, as the “agitate” cycle is!  The same may be said for our souls.  Many times real “depth” and true “cleanness” may be effected during the “soak” cycle in an even greater way than during the “noisy” and “big-splash” events of our spiritual lives and growth.

Let’s take the Lord’s admonition seriously.  Let’s “Be STILL .. and know that He is God!” 

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