I’ve been thinking about HONESTY today.  HONESTLY, I HAVE!  That’s not just something I said to open a little blog subject.  It occurs to me how easily I COULD have written that opening statement WITHOUT its being totally true and honest.  For instance, maybe I had thought of the subject only a second or two before I wrote it down.  If that had been the case, then my opening statement wouldn’t really be true, would it?

Here’s another thought.  In the above paragraph, I used the phrasesTOTALLY true and honest” and REALLY be true.”  What does THAT mean?  Isn’t something either TRUE – or it’s NOT?  What does “TOTALLY true” mean?  Does it mean that some things are only “PARTIALLY true?”  If that’s the case then is such “TRUE” at ALL in its whole?  🙂

On and on … such questions and queries can go .. & .. go .. & .. GO!  In light of such, I don’t believe it is a good thing or pleases God, when we become so enslaved and bound to “Fears of UNtruths” that we can never make ANY statement or believe ANYTHING, for fear that there is some, little , unknown variation-of-which-we’re-not-aware, possibly or potentially involved in it!  [I’ve known a few people who had seemingly fallen into that snare, and it seemed, (rather than being truthful), they had sadly succeeded only in becoming chained to a bondage that did noone any real good!]

On the other hand, HONESTY is ESSENTIALTRUTHFULNESS is VITAL!  Our world today is suffering from a real dearth of it.  HONESTLY!  People will deliberately “shade the truth” or even tell an “outright lie” without a second thought!  Such conduct seems to have no bounds in our day.  From the “top” – down, and from the “bottom” up … it is SO!  

Hey friend, today is a good day to HONESTLY inspect your HONESTY.  Better yet, let GOD honestly inspect it.  Open your heart to HIM and HIS peerless, perfect searchlighting truthmeter.  It’s easy to fall into the satanic habit of “Lying-To-OURSELVES” until we reach a point where we hardly even realize or remember that we ARE being dishonest. 

TODAY’S the DAY!  Honestly!!  Let’s DO it!  Let’s let GOD do it!  Happy Honesty!

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