Performance & Production FOR Christ – or – Power & Purity IN Christ?

As a preacher and a pastor, – because I care deeply about the people over whom God has placed me, as shepherd/leader – it’s very easy for me to bog down in the rut of preaching more about “what we should do for Christ” than “what Christ has done for us.’  Both are very important, but more than anything, the GOSPEL — [the PURE GOSPEL of Jesus Christ] — must be preached!  What Jesus has done for me in providing my salvation through His cross and shed blood, is the theme that will lift me up to do more for Him, and (even more importantly), will lift me up to BE the person He wants me to be.

It’s ALL about CHRIST!  It’s ALL about what HE has done for me.  We must constantly focus on the power & purity of the Gospel!  What I do for Jesus matters none, if I am not operating in the power of what HE has done for me.

As much as I want to see the people of my church “PERFORM FOR” Christ, I recognize that far more important is that they “LIVE IN” Christ.  “What Would Jesus Do” must be a maxim-of-living that is always subservient to “What Has Jesus  Done!”  Thank you Lord, for these vital reminders to my heart, mind and soul.  Please help me to pass them on.

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