Satisfaction and Desire

Today, in my personal quiet time of devotion, it seemed that God “overwhelmed” me with a simple, yet profound, truth.  It had to do with “satisfaction” and “desire” and how (in-our-walk-with-Christ), the former should constantly be a foundation and catalyst for the latter.  In other words, the heart and foundation of any meaningful walk with Jesus must be complete SATISFACTION WITH GOD.  I must be fully “SATISFIED” in and with HIM!  And yet (in a mysterious way) that “satisfaction” must breed, in me, a constant DESIRE for MORE of God!

Per chance a weak illustration of this concept could be the great satisfaction one receives when filling himself with a brand-new, never-before-tried-dish, and yet discovering that that “satisfying” experience only generates in him a great “desire” to have that same dish served again at tomorrow evening’s dinner and maybe even the next day’s, as well!  The Psalmist admonishes, “O taste and see that the Lord is good!”  (Psalm 34:8).  That is an experience of “satisfaction.”  And yet that very Lord admonishes, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness!”  (Matt. 5:6).  That is an experience of “desire.”

It seemed God spoke to me so clearly saying, “This is the simple formula for a consistent life of knowing Me as you ought – ‘Satisfaction and Desire!’  In other words, you’re FULLY SATISFIED in Me because you want and need nothing and no one else.  And yet that glorious satisfaction generates a GROWING DESIRE to know Me better and closer and more, day-by-day!” 

My heart says, “YES, LORD .. YES!  YES!!”

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