Finding God's Will

I’m persuaded that God has a specific “will” for every single person.  Our job is simply to discern, then do, that will!

How interested or concerned are you about finding and fulfilling the will of God in your life?  There are more “ministry needs” than there have ever been before.  And yet, the fact is, there is probably a greater percentage of professing Christ-followers who are doing nothing or very close to it, about accomplishing those ministries.

I urge you TODAY .. to humbly ask God, “Lord, what is YOUR WILL for ME?”  I guarantee you that He will answer that prayer, if prayed humbly and sincerely from an obedient heart.

C’mon!  I CHALLENGE you!  I DARE you!  FIND God’s will for YOUR life .. then DO it!  You’ll never be the same, and you’ll be so glad you did!

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