Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged on our site.  I think I’ll try to share something the first Wednesday of every month from now on, and our Asst. Pastor, Bruce Johnson, will be sharing on the other Wednesdays.  Hope you’ll keep up!

I’ve been thinking a lot this Fathers Day week about being a dad.  I consider it to be one of the absolute GREAT PRIVILEGES of my life!  I don’t have anything real profound to share today .. just a few questions and thoughts about searching our hearts and our priorities as fathers (and GRANDfathers), with regards to the interest we have, and the job we’re doing .. as dads.

  • Are you truly the father GOD wants you to be?   Am I?
  • Are you the SPIRITUAL LEADER in your home?   Am I?
  • Is Christian Parenting a PRIORITY to you …  (Matt. 6:33)  … and to me?
  • Are you spending the needed and necessary TIME with your children, as a dad?  (There’s no substitute for TIME with them).  Am I?
  • Are you calling daily, on your HEAVENLY FATHER for help in this big task?   Am I?

I trust things are going VERY WELL in your home.  If they’re not – there’s a loving FATHER IN HEAVEN – just waiting to help you with this HUGE task.

Happy Fathers Day, my friends!  

— Pastor Dan

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