“It all depends …”

“It all depends …” I was sitting on a local Boy Scout review committee for boys ready for their next rank. The young man was asked if he enjoyed scouting activities. He let us know rather quickly that some things were not as enjoyable as others. At the same time he had just qualified as a Life Scout, the rank below an Eagle Scout. He had completed the requirements whether he enjoyed them or not.

Sometimes we as Christians need that same attitude. Life can be “sweet” during worship service on Sunday morning. But clouds can roll in and rain can fall on “our parade” during work or school on Monday or any other day of the week. Some things are just more pleasant than others. How do we react? Do we throw our hands up or do we complete the “requirement”? Our influence and testimony can be enhanced or diminished by our reaction to the unpleasant things in life. Remember we are the only “Jesus” that most people see.

My Sunday School class has been studying about heaven. I want to be prepared for the next rank. I want to help others qualify as well.

Pastor Bruce
Assistant Pastor

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