Happy Anniversary

Our friends of more than 45 years had just been recognized for 50 years of marriage. It was their golden wedding anniversary. And a golden moment it was. All four of their sons were present as well as many of their family members. They went to the front of the church and I smiled and cried as they spoke a few humble word of thankfulness.

What a great achievement it was. I know that when they repeated the words “for better or for worse” that they did not know what was coming. They didn’t know about the sickness that was to strike, the hardships to be endured. Nor did they know of the love, patience, and support that they would enjoy. Many others had failed in their efforts at marital success, but not these lovebirds.

How things have changed. In previous generations it was the norm to see longevity in marriage. Today we see couples separating for almost any reason, if they marry in the first place. These honorees are my heroes. I want to be like them. We still have four years to go to reach fifty. Maybe with love, patience, and support we can reach that milestone. I hope you do as well.

Pastor Bruce
Assistant Pastor

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