What Is Planted in Your Heart?

I’ve been reading in James lately both in personal Bible reading and a Bible study. James tells us to be quick to listen and slow to speak, and slow to anger. He goes on to tell us that anger doesn’t produce the attitude that God wants. He says to get rid of the filthiness from our hearts and to humbly accept the word He has planted in our hearts because it has the power to save.

What do we have planted in our hearts? I just ate a big tomato sandwich. My wife grows the tomatoes in the raised beds in the yard. They are big and beautiful this year. They make great sandwiches! But the plants that produced the tomatoes began as seeds planted in fertile soil. The seeds were not pepper or squash seeds. They were tomato seeds. The word God planted in our hearts was from the heavenly seed of His love for us.

James goes on to tell us not to just listen to God’s word but to do what it says. He says that by doing what God tells us in His word we will be set free. Set Free! We can be free from the filthiness and bondage of sin. We can if we listen to and do what His word says.

What is planted in your heart?

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