One Can at a Time

One of the men of our church came up to me and asked about our homeless shelter ministry. I explained that two of the ladies of the church prepared a meal once a month and then delivered and served it at a local homeless shelter. Different people go with the ladies from time to time to help serve.

He asked if his family could go with them to help serve. I assured him that they could. This dad was concerned that his children learn what “serving the less fortunate” was all about. Now, don’t get me wrong. I know that this is not a wealthy family, by any means. But both dad and mom expressed a concern that their children would learn to serve others and appreciate what God has given them.

As I thought about this conversation I wondered if I was as grateful as I should be. Really, are any of us as thankful for daily blessings as we should be? I have a measure of health, a wonderful family, a great church family, plenty to eat, a comfortable home, and a God who has provided for all my spiritual needs, as well. As a friend of mine would say, I’m in “high cotton.”

When we concluded our conversation we agreed that there was also a pressing need for help with the local food pantry. Plans were set to ask our Sunday morning small groups to schedule regular can food drives. We knew we couldn’t do it all. But we could make a difference in our community “one can at a time.”
Pastor Bruce
Assistant Pastor

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