Getting to Know Him

As I’ve watched people over the years and in different settings and cultures, I have observed the obvious. People are most comfortable with folks they know and are accustomed to being around. That brought me to another observation. When a person meets Jesus he is at a crossroads. His life has been turned completely around and now he’s going in the opposite direction. He has met a new Friend and his old friends may not want to go in the same direction he’s going. The problem is that it’s much easier, much more comfortable, to return to the friendship and fellowship of his old friends. When he does this he is going in the wrong direction. I’m not saying that he can never be friends with his former associates. Although he must evaluate what their common goals are.

Undoubtedly the church has a great responsibility here in providing friendship and fellowship for the new believer. But the new believer has an opportunity, too; the opportunity to “get to know” fellow believers and especially to “get to know” Jesus.

How can this be done? As in any other relationship he has to spend time with the One he wants to “get to know.” For this ADHD generation it is difficult to stop and spend the time to learn about Someone else. That mean he has to talk to that Person, listen to that Person, read that Person’s messages. But, more than that, he should spend time with Him in work, at play, in all of life’s regular activities.

Sometimes it’s nice to hear your phone buzz. A new message from a friend or family member has just arrived. You hurriedly return the text. As he “gets to know” Him, he will put more and more importance on His Word. His Word is new and fresh every time he reads it; and every time he reads it he becomes better acquainted with his Friend, Jesus.

Pastor Bruce
Assistant Pastor

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