We Must KNOW!

There is no doubt that America has become very polarized over cultural and social issues, today.  There are two irreconcilable worldviews colliding like tectonic plates in our society and the result has already been, and will continue to inevitably be, some serious and shaking cultural and religious earthquakes!

In light of that, we who believe The Bible is GOD’S WORD, must KNOW what we believe and WHY we believe it!  In order to have that firm and foundational knowledge, we must STUDY our text book – The HOLY BIBLE.

  • We must READ it, daily.
  • We must STUDY it.
  • We must HUNGER for it.
  • We must LISTEN to it being preached and taught.

Boycotts and “Buycotts” and Demonstrations all have their place.  There are many ways we can stand for truth and righteousness and against falsehood and evil, and we should look for and employ these ways that are legitimate.  Recently Christians all across America inundated nearly 1600 Chik-fil-A restaurants across our land to evidence their stand against gay marriage and for traditional, Biblical marriage.  That act probably cost most individual participants 2 or 3 hours of their time, at most.  On the other hand, a deep and exhaustive study of The BIBLE and its teachings about marriage would cost a participant MANY MORE hours and MUCH MORE effort than the afforementioned “buycott.”

The question is – “Are we (as Christians), willing to invest THAT kind of time and effort for truth?  It is my considered judgment that we MUST!  We MUST arm ourselves for the deeper conflict!  To do this, however, and to be effective and persuasive witnesses to biblical truth, we will have to TAKE THE TIME and PUT FORTH THE EFFORT to STUDY and DIGEST what The Bible actually teaches.  This will require self-discipline.  This will require biblical literacy.  This will require multiplied hours of work and effort.  It’s a lot more demanding and difficult than simply “eating chicken on a designated day in a designated place.”

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