Too Wonderful For Words

Though there are many wonderful “Christmas Verses” in the Bible, one of my all-time favorites is II Corinthians 9 : 15.  There, the Apostle Paul who was doing the inspired writing, wrote of Jesus with the words, “Thanks be unto God for His Unspeakable Gift!”  I love The Living Bible’s paraphrase of that verse: “Thank God for His Son — His Gift — too wonderful for words!”

I’ve been purposely focusing on JESUS as the Great GIFT of Christmas more this year (2012), than I have in any previous yuletide season that I can remember.  Without HIM, Christmas means nothing.  Without HIM, there is no Christmas.  He is, indeed — THE Gift!    The UNSPEAKABLE Gift!    The Gift, Too WONDERFUL .. for WORDS!  

 In considering this gift, there is:

  • The Unspeakable PERSON of this Gift  (Jesus Christ, The Son of God).
  • The Unspeakable PURPOSE of this Gift  (To Save the People of the World From Their Sins).
  • The Unspeakable PLAN by which this Gift is given to the world  (The Love & Grace of God).
  • The Unspeakable PLAN by which this Gift is received by the world  (Confession, Repentance, Faith in Jesus).
  • The Unspeakable PRICE of the Gift  (The Sacrificial Death of Jesus on a Rugged Cross).
  • The Unspeakable PRIVILEGE of being a Recipient of the Gift  (Royalty – A Child of the King).

The attempts at definition and description could go on & ON!  However, they could never even begin to adequately define or describe The GIFT.  Instead, let us simply join with the advent accolade of the apostle, as we say from our hearts, “Thanks be unto God for His Unspeakable GIFT!”   Yes, “Thank God for His Son – His GIFT – Too Wonderful for Words!”


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