Last week I had the privilege to attend two pastor conferences with our senior pastor Dan Downing.  I want to especially thank East Lake Community Church in Moneta, VA for hosting us and being so hospitable to us.  I learned or was reminded of many important principles regarding the pastoral ministry.  Three of the things that I took away were:

  1. We need to preach Jesus!  There are many important principles and themes in the Bible that need to be addressed in sermons.  But, if I am not regularly giving my people Jesus than I am failing them!  One pastor said that people come to church looking for one person and that person is Jesus!  They aren’t longing to see me.  I can’t meet all of their needs.  But, I can give them Jesus and He is the answer to every one of their longings!
  2. We need to be making disciples. One speaker said that if you are too busy to disciple one night a week than you are too busy!  Wow!  How many of us intentionally make it a priority to help someone else become a disciple of Jesus on a regular, weekly basis?  Jesus clearly commanded His disciples to go and make disciples.  Should I do any less as a follower of Jesus?
  3. We need to pray in community. Prayer is certainly an absolutely essential part of the Christian life.  However, how much praying do we actually do together?  1 Thessalonians 5:18 says to pray without ceasing.  Did you know that this verse was written to the church as a whole in Thessalonica?  Thus, as one speaker said, “Ya’ll keep on praying!” Great things will happen in our church if we will honor God by more intentionally praying and following the direction that He gives us through our community praying.

These three principles are certainly not new things!  However, many times God will use an “old” thing to do a “new” thing in His people!  I want to be part of whatever that “new” thing is!

Pastor Jason

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