“The Bible, God’s Word”

My eyebrows shot skyward the moment I saw the headline in my evening newspaper:

“Looking For Proof of the Bible in Stones.”

As I read the article about various mideastern archaeological diggings, from time to time certain statements caused my eyebrow level to heighten even more:

“A.B.T. is an archaeologist who doubts anything he can’t dig up.  He takes nothing in the Bible on faith.”

            “Nobody can prove…the story [of Hazor] in Joshua; it is entirely fiction.”

            “The story [of David] is so fantastic, many biblical scholars have long thought that even David himself must have been made up.”

The findings of archaeology are indeed fascinating and often thrilling.  They have, however, nothing to do with “proving” whether or not the Bible is true.

God said it IS!  It’s HIS WORD, about HIS WORD!  There is, in the Bible, a wonderful unity of thought indicating that one mind inspired the writing and compilation of the whole series of books, and that it bears on its face, the stamp of its Divine Author.

We’re instructed to not add to, or take away from, the words of this Book, (Deut. 4:2), for they are, “the commandments of The Lord Your God!”

                                        How Firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord

                                        Is laid for your faith, in His excellent Word!       –George Keith

By Pastor Dan Downing

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