Our Greatest Investments

President Franklin D. Roosevelt is credited with making the following statement, “We cannot always build the future for our Youth, but we can always build our Youth for the future!”


There is SO much truth in that statement and it corresponds with thoughts that have been on my mind a lot, of late.  As a senior pastor there are many different departments and divisions of the church about which I am interested and concerned.  There is none, however, of any greater interest or concern than HeathYouth (our 12-19 age group here at Heath Church).


I thrill on Wednesday evenings when I get to “drop in” at their gatherings and am privileged to watch and listen as they hear, discuss, sing about, and respond to The Word of God.  So many of our teens are making great spiritual progress in the face of some very difficult odds at home, at school, among their peers, and in our Godless society.


I’m SO thankful for every dedicated youth staff member here at Heath.  We are SO blessed with a great team who volunteer hours and hours every week to be sure that indeed, we DO “build our Youth for the future!”


Our teens are not just the “church of tomorrow;” they are a very important and integral part of the “church of TODAY!”  I’m SO thrilled and thankful as I see them taking leadership and ministry roles here in our church.


Keep praying for them!  Show interest in them!  Encourage them!  Love them!  Be patient with them!  There is no greater nor more important investment that you could make!


Senior Pastor: Dan M. Downing


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