The Protestant Reformation: One Of Our Church’s Vital Roots

One of the worst things a living plant could ever do is sever itself from its roots.  The root system carries the very “lifeblood” of that plant, and to sever those roots, is to kill that plant.  We know that a plant cannot (on its own) do such a self-destructive thing, but the fact is, we humans can and sadly, sometimes, do!


Perhaps a striking example of that very action can be seen in current, contemporary America, in the severing of itself from its Judeo-Christian roots.  This trend has been increasing with an alarming rate, as the self-reliance and glorification of “man” (humanism), has been steadily and surely replacing our reliance on, and glorification of, GOD!  Such has become so prevalent in our beloved country that Former President Barack Obama recent stated, with positive emphasis, that America is no longer a Christian nation.  In many ways, his statement is sadly true.


Is it any wonder then, that there has been so much recent, societal upheaval across our land?  Is it any wonder that within political circles, our two primary parties have become more polarized than ever?  The movement away from America’s Christian roots has gained so much ground that it now often seems to be the majority voice in our great land.  When this happens, and our country’s Christian roots have been severed, great turmoil is bound to follow!


The point of this blog is not confined to a warning against the severing of America’s Christian roots only, but is also to behoove us to look at any institution – including our own Heath Church – and carefully consider the importance of staying well-connected to those Biblical roots that initially made us good.


One branch of those roots that we share with so many other churches of this world, goes back some 500 years, and is called The Protestant Reformation.  October 31, 2017, marks that 500th anniversary to the day, and should be reviewed and celebrated as an integral branch of our Protestant roots.


It is so easy to take vitally-important tenets of our beliefs, for granted:

  • The Absolute Authority of The Bible,
  • The Scriptural Fact That We Are Saved By Grace Through Faith, Alone,
  • An Empty Cross, As Opposed To One On Which The Body of Christ Still Hangs,
  • The Fact That Christ Is Supremely & Exclusively Sufficient To Save Us, and
  • The Accompanying Facts That Neither Good Works, Nor Human Mediation Can Ever Contribute In Any Way, to Our Salvation!


Again, it is so easy to take these (as well as many other) essential, Biblical truths for granted, without remembering that many of them were specifically fought & contended for in that Great Reformation, 500 years ago.  In celebration of this October 1517 Anniversary, we will observe “A Reformation Moment” in each of our October Sunday a.m. services.  Regard it, as “Cultivating Vital Roots!”


Hopefully, by month’s end, we will all have a greater understanding of, as well as a deeper appreciation for, both those who sacrificed themselves to “reform” Christianity, and HE Who Sacrificed HIMSELF to provide it!

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