“That you may, with ONE MIND & ONE MOUTH, glorify God, even The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!”     (Romans 15:6)


As I write this blog, I’m sitting about 10 feet from the edge of the great Atlantic Ocean.  From time to time, an extra-large wave, crashing upon the sandy beach, threatens to make that distance much less!  With steadily rising tide, I’ve already been forced to move my chair once to ensure the continued dryness of my shoes.


Above me, a seemingly endless expanse of cloudless, azure sky creates a beautiful canopy of Carolina blue.  Beneath, beside and behind me, the multiplied myriads of grains of sand defy the numbering of even the most-skilled accountant.  Around me, warm and salty air moves gently, creating a breeze of near perfect pleasantness.  But most impressive, by far, is that which lies before me.


As far as the eye can see, straight ahead and in a semi-circle to the right and to the left, is the majestic, breathtaking beauty of the mighty Atlantic!  At this moment, with such surrounding, it’s much easier than usual to meditate on, and imagine, the awesome power and endless reserve of the glory of Almighty God!  This, in turn, make me want to personally glorify Him!


It is possible, however, to glorify God, not only personally, but COLLECTIVELY.  In the first few verses of Romans 15, the Apostle Paul pleads for Christians to always evidence and exercise a selfless serving and endless edifying of one another so that even in their interpersonal relationships they will all “with ONE MIND and ONE MOUTH” glorify God!  Let’s DO It!