A Letter to the Heath Church Community

Monday, April 20, 2020
“8:00 p.m. Quarantine Note.”

A verse of scripture has been going over-&-over in my mind & heart today.  It’s Philippians 4:19“But my God SHALL SUPPLY .. ALL YOUR NEED .. according to His riches in glory, by Christ Jesus!”It is my personal belief that when someone has a need (& I’m thinking today especially of a FINANCIAL need), the first line of “SUPPLY” should be family.  But if, & when there is no family who can or will help, I believe the 2nd line of “SUPPLY” should be .. (not the govt. – in God’s initial plan), but rather, The CHURCH!  (particularly that local body of believers to which the needy individual belongs or is connected/related).
So, here is my request.  
If you know of ANYONE (including yourself) who is a part of Heath Church, OR, is connected to our church in ANY way — who is going through deep & severe financial crisis because of the COVID-19 virus & its complications, will you PLEASE let me know, immediately.  (And I’m VERY SERIOUS about this request, “including yourself.”  I know we are very hesitant to ask for help for ourselves, or to reveal our need to anyone else where we’ll be “known” — but I’m asking you to PLEASE override those feelings, and LET ME KNOW!  Heath Church is committed to “reaching out” and “helping others” and we are planning to continue right on doing that as we already have been, but if we don’t know the need, we simply cannot respond to it!
Feel free to call me (336.472.3457) or (336.239.1731),  text me at the latter of those two numbers, or contact me in ANY WAY you wish, but PLEASE .. LET ME KNOW!  And, you may be assured that your contact will remain completely confidential.
We also want to know how we can specifically PRAY for you, so please REACH OUT, and give us a SHOUT if & where there is a need!!   
I love you ALL, and miss you SO much.

Pastor Dan