Exhortation To Good Works

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your GOOD WORKS, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.”    (Matt. 5:16)


A little girl was taken to a great cathedral to visit.  As her parents walked around observing the massive structure with all its ornate beauty, she simply sat in one of the carved pews and silently watched the sunshine pour through the huge stained-glass window.  Finally, she asked her mother, “What are all those people on the windows?”  “They are saints,” her mother replied.

After sitting quietly for a few more moments, the child said, “Oh, now I know what saints are.  They are people who let the light shine through them!”

And indeed, they ARE!

As children, singing our kids’ chorus, we used to shout out the word, “NO!” in response to the question about hiding our lights under a bushel.

It must be the desire of every true Christian to fully, completely, and brightly let the light of his holy life, through careful and consistent living, shine as “a city .. set on a hill” to others in darkness!


A steady, burning light for Him

                      I want to always be,

                   Directing lost and weary sailors

                      Across the darkened sea.


                   Through dangerous shoal and rocky shore,

                      The crashing waves to tame;

                   My little light will guide them home,

                      To glorify His Name!

-Daniel Downing


The Darker The Night, The Brighter The Light Shines!