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Thank you for dropping by for a visit to our website. Heath Church is a growing community of believers in Christ who deeply love God and dearly love each other. Each week our services are characterized by wonderful worship, quality music, Biblical preaching, and great Christian fellowship. We hope you'll enjoy visiting our church, located in Lexington, North Carolina, very soon!

It's one thing to have LIFE; it's an entirely different matter to be GROWING!

As wonderful as meeting Christ and receiving eternal life is, for that life to be all that God wants it to be, we need to GROW in HIS GRACE, day-by-day! Join us here at Heath Church this Sunday morning, as Senior Pastor Dan Downing begins a brand-new series entitled, "Knowing That You're GROWING!" The series will basically consist of a list of "self-tests" that will help us to be SURE we are GROWING in the wonderful grace of God, as we should be.


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Pastor's Blog

What Are You Rich In?

September 27, 2016

When I think of riches, I think of money.  When you hear of someone being rich, what do you think that means?  Do you think,…

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What Will You Be Doing The Day Before Your Die?

June 3, 2016

Imagine with me that you are going to die tomorrow.  Your doctors say you have very little chance of living past tomorrow, you feel that…

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Mom, Thank You!

May 7, 2016

How many of you have proclaimed that you have the best mom?  While there isn’t a scientific method to verify the accuracy of this statement…

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