The Book of The Law of God

“And Joshua wrote these words in the book of the law of God…” (Josh. 24:26)

“BUCKLE UP – IT’S THE LAW!”  A few years ago, this admonition and reminder nearly shouted out its message of seat belt safety from signs and billboards strategically placed along the city streets and rural roads of my home state of North Carolina, as well as many other states across the nation.

As I’ve thought about this warning, having see it over and over again, it has occurred to me that were I disposed to do so, I could alter these signs with a bit of very truthful graffiti.  My revised version would shout out this message to all passersby:


Though defacing the government’s signs would not be right, indeed the new message would be!  For The Holy Bible, God’s Word, IS .. The LAW!

Joshua added the aforementioned new words from God to “the book of the law of God” (Josh. 24:26) (probably the same scroll that contained the five books of Moses).

Indeed, The Holy Bible IS “The Book of The Law of God!


Good laws are made to rule and guide,

                                 To govern and protect.

                              And so, God’s law is just the same –

                                 His Word, we must respect!    -dd


Read The Bible – It’s The LAW!