Heath Church - Vision and Values

Heath Church exists as a non-denominational, local expression of the Body of Christ, to share with our world God’s love as revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ, -- and to pursue a vital, living relationship with Christ, and one another, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our “Vision and Values” govern how we gather together as a congregation, what we provide in the way of ministry programs, and where we invest our resources – both physical and financial. Not listed in order of importance, each of these “Vision and Values” statements forms a part of what we believe and desire Heath Church to be.

We believe that:

  • PRAYER and FAITH are the foundations of ALL we do.
  • EVERY PERSON is valuable to God and His Kingdom. Not ONE is unimportant!
  • The “NORMAL” Christian life is for every believer to be FULLY DEVOTED to Christ and His cause, through Prayer, Worship, Praise, Witnessing, and the Study of God’s Word EVERY DAY, and not just at Church.
  • As people birthed into His Kingdom, we should be AUTHENTIC followers of Christ continuing to grow in Him by learning His way, manifesting His power, and serving our world.
  • Though we have a pastoral staff, the MEMBERS of the Heath Church CONGREGATION are the real MINISTERS of the church. In light of that, they are to have TRUE SERVANTS’ HEARTS - investing their time, talents and resources for the cause of Christ and the needs of others.
  • Jesus actively demonstrated His heart for lost and needy people and so should WE, by intentionally reaching out to others who are in need. We believe that the most effective evangelism happens through PEOPLE INVITING PEOPLE to Christ and to His church.
  • Everyone should be ACTIVELY INVOLVED in the church is SOME way. We particularly encourage SMALL GROUP & SPECIFIC MINISTRY involvement, believing that THIS is where “COMMUNITY & UNITY” happens most and best.
  • We should embrace our local community and surrounding towns in all of their DIVERSITY – both ethnically and economically, by every means possible, resulting in ministry that impacts our local area. EVERYONE is WELCOME at Heath Church!
  • The heart of God longs to TRANSFORM our LOCAL AREA, and thus we actively support every legitimate & biblical community-reaching process, in the context of the larger Body of Christ.
  • We have a WORLD-WIDE CALLING! Therefore, we partner with various missions ministries throughout the world in proclaiming the message of Jesus. We hold our missional calling and work, VERY dear.
  • EXCELLENCE honors God and inspires people, and thus we are committed to using our gifts and resources for maximum impact by ministering with Spirit-filled PROFESSIONALISM and EXCELLENCE, to the best of our God-given abilities.